29 March, 2006

Here is the Hegan clan saying a fond farewell at our going away kneesup. Yes they do look very distraught don't they!
From left rear Courtenay, Leon, Cushla and Mathew, front, the Admiral (Heath), Skipper (Shane), not properly dressed by this stage, and Jessica.

So, almost there, fly to Brissy on Friday afternoon. Hope to have some boats to look at Saturday so who knows, we may be resident on the water in a couple of weeks or so.

Had a great couple of weeks touring the South Island making sure we saw everything before we left the country. Really lucked out with the weather on the west coast, just fantastic. The weather has such an impact on our experiance of places, so, the west coast is great and Stewart Island SUKS. Rain, hail and bloody cold. Thanks to everyone that has been putting us up for different nights and thanks Kim for teaching me to catch snapper, yum yum!
Now I have finally worked out how to put photos on this site, via Picassa, we should be able to keep you better up to play with events.
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09 March, 2006


Heather here ….. This is my first opportunity writing on the blog so I’m going to make the most of it!

It has been a frantic last 2-3 weeks. First there was the farewell party at home - we hired naval costumes so we looked the part! The party went really well, but it was peppered with a tinge of sadness as we won’t see some of our friends for quite a while.

After the party we both had our last week at our respective jobs, so it was more farewells. Then we had a week to move out the house, get everything that we needed to into storage, and pack the tea-chests for freighting to Brisbane. With that all done we could head off on holiday and relax for a bit…..

Only now does it feel like our adventure is starting. We are holidaying around the South Island for two weeks. We went to a wedding at Lake Tekapo last Saturday, and then drove through the very picturesque McKenzie Country down to Queenstown. We went out on the Earnslaw on Lake Wakatipu, and did the Farm Tour at Walter Peak – a great day out. We are down in Stewart Island at the moment – it sure knows how to rain down this end of the country. We head up the West Coast and on to Blenheim, and in a week we are back up to the North Island to farewell our families.

We fly to Brisbane on March 31 and we will be looking to buy a boat as soon as possible. That’s when the interesting part will start for me – I will be on a steep learning curve to become adequately knowledgable for what lies ahead. The one thing I can say though is that as yet I’m not missing not having to go to work each day!