25 January, 2006

Here we are! Posted by Picasa


Geez there's a bit to sort out! The house and the flash car are sold, the resignations are in and the hunt is on for a boat. Seen about 15 in NZ so far and off to Brisbane on Monday to have a look there. They look great on the net so I will see how than pan out in reality. After that we can decide if we purchase here or there. Starting in Australia would be so much easier. First and formost is we won't have to sail across the Tasman, a notoriously shitty bit of water. Given it would that about 12-15 days, we would met at least two cold fronts and or depressions, I'd have to take on a couple of crew and fly Heather across and have to meet Cat 1 requiremnts for the boat and the skipper before we leave, why bother? If we buy a boat in Aus, none of that is required, we start our adventure in relatively good water and just day hop around the coast up to the Great Barrier Reef giving time to get
used to the boat and living on it, and hopefully Heather to get her sea legs. Now she does have lovely legs, they just don't do too well on the ocean at the moment, actually the legs are fine it's the stomach that revolts and does a hasty exit. Anyway, the only down side to buying the boat in Aus is if we bring it back to NZ we are up for GST (Grab, steal,Take..tax), still we don't have to bring it back to NZ but can return to Aus and sell there at the end, whenever that is.
So, after Tuesday, I should have a good idea of where we can get the best deal.enzwell