17 February, 2006


So Australia it is. Saw a couple of likely candidates in my short trip and generally the boats do seem a little cheaper. I must admit though that one of the main attractions is not having to cross the Tasman, a very shitty piece of water most of the time. Now all we have to decide is where in Aus. We would like to start in Sydney as we like it as a city and it would be great to spend some time there, however, Queensland has lots more boats for sale and although we are happy to travel about, we are talking fairly large distances, not quite sure how far it is from Sydney to say Townsville but it's a hell of a long way!
On the home front we are all but ready to depart, sold most everything but the bedroom suite, TV, a couple of chairs and odds and sods which will go into storage. Working out the best way to draw money down while away as it can be very expensive. Last night had Heather's Toastmasters group farwell dinner which was great, tonight a big farwell party at home and on Thursady the big work farwell at the pub. Funny leaving a job after 31 years plus? I find it a bit strange that there is no real emotion yet. I suppose it's because I really am complete in my leaving, not bitter about the way the job has gone, everything changes, and we feel like we are moving to something as opposed to leaving something. For better or worse I generally seem to focus on what's ahead rather than what is behind, that's my excuse for a rotten memory anyway.
Till later. crew.enzwell@gmail.com